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A selection of projects PJ Walsh Constructions has recently undertaken.

Lancini Property and Development Warehouse

IMG_3579 IMG_3578 IMG_3577 IMG_3580

The Ville Resort & Casino extensions

1 IMG_0087 IMG_0092 IMG_0094 IMG_0097 IMG_0098 IMG_0101 IMG_3205 IMG_3206 IMG_3207 IMG_3209 IMG_3210

Bushland Beach COLES

image9 image8 image7 image6 image5 image4 image3 image2 image1

JCU Pavillon and Ponds

IMG_3366    IMG_3364    IMG_3361   IMG_3359   IMG_3354   IMG_3347  IMG_3344    IMG_3341

IMG_0030  IMG_0028  IMG_0027    IMG_2952 IMG_2956




FDC Shed Aurizon Rail

IMG_2669  IMG_2670  IMG_2671

Liquorice Coloured Path (Burdell Childcare)

cp 4 coloured path 1 cp 2 cp 3

Burdell Childcare

 burdell 1 burdell 2 burdell 3 burdell 4

 Fulham Road Child Care

IMG_2456 Fulham rd day care slab preparation for Phoenix constructions IMG_2460 fulham Rd day care ful rd slab ful rd childcare


Building the ground slab.

IMG_0121 IMG_0122

St Margaret Mary’s New driveways

New driveways prepared for the school buses.


Queensland Rail Depot

Queensland Rail Multi User Depot, including construction of railway service pit, depot slab and footings.

qr pit qr pit 4 qr pit 3 qr pit 2

 IMG_0174 IMG_0173 IMG_0172 IMG_0171 Q.rail 9.2.16. site update Q.rail update 9.2.16 Q.rail vertical wall reinforcement 9.2.16 qr slab 2 qr slab

Homemakers Fairfield Waters

Tilt Up panels construction work at the new Homemakers Centre at Fairfield Waters.